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Renewable Energy 

Renewables! The most efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Solar thermal energy to heat your hot water, and ground or air source heat pumps to heat your home are the most popular forms of renewable energy! 

We can offer any of these systems with the option to register with RHI (The Renewable Heat Incentive). The government is currently subsidising these installations with payments over a 7 year period which should offset the installation costs.




Heat is drawn from the air outside directly into the heat pump unit. Refrigerant gases are used in the heat pump to transfer this heat to your heating system. 




Heat is drawn from the ground using underground pipework. Refrigerant gases are used in the heat pump to transfer this heat to your heating system.  



Heat is captured from the sun onto your solar panels. This heat is transferred into a liquid that we pump to your hot water cylinder to give you free hot water! 

We can offer a wide range of of services including: 

  • Air & Ground source heating

  • Bathroom installations

  • boiler installations

  • Boiler repairs 

  • Boiler replacements

  • Boiler servicing 

  • Burst pipes

  • Central heating Installations

  • Energy efficient advice

  • Gas safety inspections

  • General plumbing

  • Heated towel rail fitting

  • Hob & gas oven fitting

  • Immersion tank replacement 

  • Immersion tank repairs

  • Kitchen sinks & taste disposal

  • Landlord safety checks 

  • Leaks

  • Overflows

  • Power flushing

  • Pump repairs

  • Renewable energy products

  • Shower & bathroom fitting

  • Solar heating

  • Tap fitting & repairs

  • Toilet fitting

  • Underfloor heating

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